Clinton Not First Female Presidential Candidate

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Clinton Not First Female Presidential Candidate

Bradley Mattes   |   August 22, 2016

Much is being made about Hillary Clinton being the first woman presidential candidate, but that’s wrong.  She’s the second.  The first was back in eighteen-seventy-two when Victoria Claflin Woodhull ran for president of the United States.  Victoria and her sister, Tennessee Claflin, were the first female stockbrokers and invested in their own newspaper.  Woodhull wrote several editorials on the right to life of an unborn baby.  “The rights of children,” she wrote, “then as individuals, begin while they yet remain the foetus.”  Being pro-life was one of her strong campaign issues, again writing, “Whoever has read the Weekly knows I hold abortion…to be just as much murder as the killing of a person after birth is murder.”  So I guess Hillary Clinton is simply repeating history, not making it.

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