The Pro-Abortion Fruit of Common Core

ve8QAd   |   June 07, 2016

common coreIf you’re not a fan of Common Core in America’s school system, this isn’t going to make you feel any better about this highly controversial curriculum.

It’s really nothing less than an attempt to indoctrinate your children or grandchildren on the issue of abortion.

Utahns Against Common Core made public a particularly revealing question on a high school final biology exam. It only came to light because a student took a screen shot of the question with his cell phone, which was against the rules. The exam was part of Utah Electronic High School, an online educational program.

It was a multiple choice question regarding the following situation: A 40-year-old mother of two students is pregnant and genetic testing indicates Down syndrome.

Students were given four options to decide the outcome:

  • Redo the testing closer to the baby’ due date (necessitating a late-term abortion if giving birth is out of the question).
  • Follow the doctor’s test results and abort the baby.
  • Prioritize the wishes of the mother (support her decision if it’s abortion).
  • Take into consideration religious beliefs, financial burden of the baby and the effect on family members to make the “best decision for everyone.” (See the bias here?)
  • So out of the four options, which possible choice was NOT represented? If you guessed declining the abortion and valuing the life of the baby regardless of the outcome, you’d be right!

Common CoreThe message is subtle but effective. It teaches students that the inherent right to life of an unborn child isn’t even a consideration.

The student revealed a disturbing piece of information. He said this question had come up earlier in the year when taking a different test. A post on Utahns Against Common Core website read, “This is not a SAGE test, but some other provider openly seeking behavioral data on students.”

And apparently, this question on the exam violates Utah law which prohibits, “the administration of any survey, analysis, or evaluation without the prior written consent of the student’s parent or legal guardian,” for the purpose of getting the student to revel information.

Thankfully parents objected and the abortion question was “terminated” from the test. However, the lesson learned here is that parents must be vigilant in staying involved in their children’s education. Watch the curriculum like a hawk because as one parent who works as a substitute teacher responded, “I’m just not surprised. We can expect worse, and I’ve read worse.”

What do you think? I’d like to get your opinion on whether or not the question was appropriate, or was it a sneaky way to influence America’s youth on abortion? Do you think parents were within their rights to speak out? Sound off below.

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8 thoughts on “The Pro-Abortion Fruit of Common Core

  1. I followed your link to “Utahns Against Common Core,” and began reading the comments at the bottom. The author of the article states in one of his responses that this test actually had nothing to do with Common Core. Just a very poor choice by a teacher composing a test.

  2. Yest another argument for homeschooling. The collection of behavior data and the profiling of student’s moral values will be used to develop corresponding propaganda for future editions of textbooks, in order to “perfect” the curriculum for maximum effectiveness of the indoctrination. I think parents’ screening of the curriculum needs to begin with the textbooks, as well as with a thorough examination of educational objectives (both the stated and the occult objectives) of curriculum developers. Better yet, parents should be directing curriculum development; educators should simply be designing materials that implement parent-determined goals. It is THE PARENTS’ RIGHT AND OBLIGATION to educate their children: schools (private, parochial or state-run public schools) should never be more than SECONDARY, auxiliary or subsidiary partners in the fulfillment of the parents’ duty to educate their children. When the state starts interfering and impeding the parents’ exercise of this right, then parents have a right and a duty to limit the state–not vice versa.

  3. This is just insane, but I can honestly say that I’m not surprised? Look at the rest of what’s going on in our country and the world and we shouldn’t be surprised. We should be ashamed though! Ashamed that we’ve sat back this long “tolerating” things instead of addressing them head on as they come up, following political correctness instead of Biblical correctness!!!

  4. Brad, I love the work of Life Issues, but please note that the author of the article you’re referring to states this is NOT related to Common Core. He states in the comments beneath the article:

    “Oak Norton

    June 2, 2016 at 10:28 am

    a more careful reading of the above post will indicate that nowhere
    does my language suggest that this was a Common Core related test or
    question. This type of question is a violation of Utah law and has no
    place on a test for grading. It’s an opinion and doesn’t even give a
    range of answers that would be suitable, if the question was even able
    to be asked legitimately. It’s a profiling question. As for your second
    paragraph, I completely agree. We need local control so parents are
    back in the driver’s seat and we aren’t subjecting our children to
    one-size-fits-all education.”

  5. I worked at a Senate office and investigated the state school department on behalf of a constituent complaint. It was impossible to review the test unsupervised, and in the correct version distributed to schools. They were definitely hiding something.

  6. Parents, you need to be vigilant in this culture of death and review everything your children are learning in school. Don’t take it for granted that they’re learning what you learned. They’re not. My daughter is a teacher and she’s shocked by how much the curriculum has changed since she went to school just 15 years ago. The lives of innocent babies are at stake, and one of them may even turn out to be your own grandchild.

  7. These parents have every right to speak out.
    I am a teacher and am disgusted that this would be on a test. I would like to know how this test was developed. Test questions should be standards-based and this in no way covers an academic standard. Please be vigilant parents and ask your children and school administration about curriculum and exams.

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