Pregnancy and Abortion Rates Down

ve8QAd   |   June 24, 2016

rates_downI have good news to report.  Pregnancies and abortions among teenagers have hit an all-time low since abortion was legalized.  The numbers are from twenty-eleven, the latest statistics are available.  Sadly, Black and Hispanic girls had the highest teen pregnancy rates and it’s no surprise.  Planned Parenthood targets these minorities when it comes to pregnancy and abortion.  The most common reason teens gave for abstaining from sex was it’s “against [their] religion or morals.”  The second most common response was teens hadn’t met the right person or they don’t want to become pregnant, or if a guy, get a girl pregnant.  The pregnancy rate for teens has fallen more than fifty percent and nearly seventy percent fewer choose abortion!  Parents keep being involved in your children’s lives.

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