Minorities Targeted for Death

ve8QAd   |   May 05, 2016

Compassion & Choices, formerly known as the Hemlock Society, recently announced a new initiative riddled with politically correct euphemisms that all amount to one thing… the targeting of African-Americans, Latinos, Asians and other minorities for their infamous pro-death agenda.

And their blatant strategy will shock you.

minoritiesMany remember Brittany Maynard who became the poster child for the pro-death movement after she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor at the age of 29. In what was ignorantly dubbed as “brave” and “heroic,” Maynard chose the route of assisted suicide and became an advocate for death-peddlers like Compassion & Choices.

Maynard’s story catapulted Compassion & Choices into the forefront of American media, and only served to further romanticize the deadly realities of suicide. In an attempt to maintain momentum, the organization announced a new outreach campaign that’ll be targeting minority groups with their anti-life agenda.

In a blatantly eager attempt to appeal to anyone not white, they’ve called the program the People of Color Initiative.

According to Brandi Alexander, the national constituency manager for Compassion & Choices, “Communities of color often have the highest rates of illness, yet are least likely to complete advance directives or discuss medical intervention with loved ones. The disparities that exist are the motivating factor for Compassion & Choices’ increased and targeted outreach to communities of color.”

Dr. Susan Berry, author at Breitbart, called out Compassion & Choices’ obvious ulterior motive by saying, “Like many leftwing organizations, the pro-assisted suicide group is seeking to use social justice concepts such as inclusiveness and racial ‘disparities’ to its advantage.”

The Oregon Health Authority recently released its 2015 data summary of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act and there was a 71% increase in recipients from last year – 93.1% of which were considered white. In greedy corporate terms, that means there’s an entire untapped market that has only recently come to light for pro-death organizations like Compassion & Choices.

This group that fondly describes itself as “experts in what it takes to die well,” is hitting the ground running with this information and is eager to sink its teeth into any unassuming victim. Little do they tell victims that they are just one more arm of the profit-driven healthcare system.

Marilyn Golden, senior policy analyst with the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, claims that, “At less than $300, assisted suicide is, to put it bluntly, the cheapest treatment for a terminal illness. This means that in places where assisted suicide is legal, coercion is not even necessary. If life-sustaining expensive treatment is denied or even merely delayed, patients will be steered toward assisted suicide, where it is legal.” (emphasis added)  In other words, assisted suicide is often the only option because it’s the cheapest option and, therefore, largely accessible to poor communities.

And guess who makes up the majority of the poor population? Minorities.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, African-Americans and Hispanics held the highest total poverty rate at 54%, while white poverty doesn’t even reach 10%. Is it any wonder why “targeted outreach to communities of color” has now become the norm for death-pedaling organizations such as Compassion & Choices?

According to Compassion & Choices’ press release, there may be a two-fold reason for their interest in targeting minorities.

“Our victory in California can be attributed to the support of legislators of color and our diverse volunteer base. Their voices and partnership were critical to our legislative victory,” said Charmaine Manansala, the political director. “Nationally, we will continue to move forward with a similar strategy.”

We don’t even have to read between the lines to understand that Manansala is hoping to appeal, and more than likely target, non-white legislators to drive Compassion & Choices’ death-pedaling agenda across the nation.

I doubt it’s a coincidence that the organization carefully selected three internal staff. They’ve got their minority bases covered with all of them representing targeted minorities of color.

A tragic observation of an organization that only sees targets instead of people.

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