That Was My Baby

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That Was My Baby

Bradley Mattes   |   April 26, 2016

My good friend Abby Johnson used to work in a Texas abortion mill and has personally experienced two abortions.  In Abby’s new book, Walls Are Talking, she shares a shocking story of a woman who came in for her ninth abortion.  The staff refers to these women as “frequent fliers.”  The woman in her thirties tells other women in the waiting room, “I’ve done it eight times before and I have no regrets.”  After the abortion she asks to see “it.”  At thirteen weeks she looked down at arms and legs, and her response was, “That’s a baby.  That was my baby.”  After sobbing uncontrollably, she repeated over and over, “What did I do?”  Does this sound to you like abortion liberates women?  Please pray this woman and all the others get the counseling they need to heal.

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