A Sickening Proposal

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A Sickening Proposal

Bradley Mattes   |   April 13, 2016

A medical researcher/activist in Europe is advocating that people who’ve asked for euthanasia be able to donate their organs before they die.  A beating heart is needed to secure fresh organs for transplantation and this way they’d be able to sedate the person requesting euthanasia, then take out their organs, thus euthanizing them by organ donation.  Of course this will motivate more people to request euthanasia if a so-called “good” can come from it.  A sickening proposal?  It’s already being done in America.  Women contemplating abortion are more likely to do so if a perceived “good” can come from it.  Harvesting of baby organs for experimentation is done immediately after the abortion to secure freshness. And abortion mills are eager to participate to get more business and income.



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