Youngest Business Owner Ever had Down Syndrome

When Blake Pyron was born, doctors diagnosed him with Down syndrome.  They said he may never walk or talk.  Mary Ann, Blake’s mother, said the doctors “didn’t give us much hope, but we had faith.”  Not only were the doctors wrong again but Blake’s going to be the youngest business owner ever.  He’s president of Blake’s Snow Shack, a snow cone business, and has already hired his first employee, a teen neighbor.  Blake’s old hat at breaking the mold.  He was a football captain, prom king and now a business owner.  All they need is for the weather to get warm in Sanger, Texas.  Don’t let anyone tell you a baby with Down syndrome can’t be a blessing to the world.  Learn more and find resources at life issues dot org.  Then click on the microphone icon.

A diagnosis of Down syndrome isn’t a death sentence.  It’s only the beginning of a great life.  Learn more and find TONS of resources to benefit these special citizens:

Down syndrome entrepreneurs and employees

The World Doesn’t Know What It’s Missing


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