Total Idiocy

In my line of work opposing abortion, I hear a lot of total idiocy from the other side.  In the wake of the Colorado shooting, Senator Barbara Boxer from California said the tragedy’s the fault of pro-lifers who say abortion is, and I quote, “killing a baby.”  That’s not hate speech.  It’s telling the truth.  Another example of ignorance is from Planned Parenthood’s Jessica Valenti who recently tweeted, “Words matter.  When we dehumanize people…we make it easier for others to do them harm.”  This is exactly what Planned Parenthood does.  They dehumanize the unborn child to make it easier for them to kill them throughout pregnancy.  Quotes like these make me wonder if these people actually believe what they say.  If not, then they’re lying and if so, it’s unspeakable ignorance.

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