Unborn Baby Hit by Shrapnel Saved

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Unborn Baby Hit by Shrapnel Saved

Bradley Mattes   |   October 23, 2015

The human carnage in Syria is appalling, so this bit of good news is welcome in a region where life isn’t held sacred. A pregnant woman was injured by shrapnel in a bombing attack, so doctors performed an emergency C-section. As they opened the woman’s abdomen, they could clearly see a hole in the uterus. Now it was a race against time to try to save the unborn baby. As they pulled the infant girl out of the womb, one of the doctors noticed a foreign object protruding from the baby’s left eyebrow. He carefully pulled out the shrapnel and soon the baby began to cry, which was met with joy from the medical staff. They then turned their attention to the mother. I’m happy to say both mom and baby are doing well and are expected to recover.

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