Kelsey Grammer Speaks Out

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Kelsey Grammer Speaks Out

Bradley Mattes   |   October 19, 2015

All Hollywood actors aren’t pro-abortion.  Kelsey Grammer is proudly pro-life and posted a picture of himself on Instagram that got the ire of the women on the TV program The View.  Keep in mind the only view according to them is the pro-abortion view.  Kelsey’s pro-life T-shirt read: Would it bother us more if we used guns?  The thought, of course, was society gets upset when children are gunned down, but millions more are killed by abortion without a word of protest from the anti-gun people.  Whoopi Goldberg and most of her gang on The View criticized Kelsey for publically making a pro-life statement.  According to Goldberg, only women can speak out on the topic, even though boys are aborted and a man is involved with every pregnancy.  Thank you Kelsey Grammer.

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