Abortion is Demonic

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Abortion is Demonic

Bradley Mattes   |   September 09, 2015

Zachary King was a practicing Satanist for decades. He revealed why abortion and participating in them is so important to those in the occult. They want Satan’s approval and believe killing something is the ultimate offering to him. That way they can gain his favor and give them what they want. Zachary talked about doing ritual late-term abortions in legal abortion mills. The details are far too barbaric to share on family radio. According to Zachary, the abortion industry cooperates with Satanists in this gruesome ritual after hours, and staff and abortionists are Satanists themselves. During the Kermit Gosnell trial, it was revealed he and his wife were involved with very late-term abortions on weekends. It’s logical to question whether or not the occult was involved.

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