Pacemaker for Unborn Babies

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Pacemaker for Unborn Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   April 10, 2015

There’s been an exciting new medical breakthrough.  Researchers have developed the first ever micro-pacemaker for unborn babies with congenital heart block.  This is a defect in the heart’s electrical system that greatly slows how fast the heart beats and circulates blood through the baby’s body.  According to the medical journal, Heart Rhythm, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the tiny pacemaker for humanitarian use.  In the past, doctors only had adult-size pacemakers, which never worked.  This new device is actually small enough to fit entirely within the preborn child’s chest.  Keep in mind, newborns have a heart the size of a walnut.  This discovery clearly shows unborn babies are real humans who need to be protected from abortion.

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