Sibling Poem

I’m so sorry no one loved you.

She was 15 when your life started, 16 when your life ended.

She said no one told her you were more than a lump of tissue.

I am sorry for ignorance.


Your father would be 57 now.

She said he doesn’t know. I wish she told him.

I wish he fought for you. I wish somebody fought.

I’m sorry for secrets.


You would have been my half sibling.

Fourteen years older than me.

She took you from me before I even existed….before I could do anything.

I am sorry for unfairness.


You would have been 34 years old.

You would have more than likely been married and have your own children.

I would have nieces and nephews, you would have a family.

But you weren’t even given a name.

I’m sorry for abandonment.


Maybe when my other siblings were telling me lies

and devaluing me, you would have spoken the truth.

Maybe you would have stood up for me when no one did.

I’m sorry for life being devalued.


Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never even met?

Because my heart longs for you.

It longs for you to have life.

I’m sorry for death.


I wish you could have come to my graduation,

I wish I could have gone to yours.

I wish we were friends.

I wish I could call you right now.

I wish we could share all of our joys and grief.

I wish we were at least given a chance.

I’m sorry for selfishness.


It’s just so unfair for you….for us.

How could she have killed you?

How could our grandmother drive our mother to the clinic

so that they could murder you? I’m sorry for silence.

I miss you.

I love you.

I’m so sorry no one loved you. – MG

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