Fox Guarding the Henhouse

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Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Bradley Mattes   |   March 06, 2015

Last March a shocking story broke about government-backed research on very premature babies.  Parents approached weren’t told it’d likely result in blindness, neurological damage and death for some babies involved.  Oxygen monitors in the study were intentionally rigged to give false readings.  Dr. Alan Guttmacher, nephew of a former Planned Parenthood president, said, “We stand by this study.”  Now, compounding the problem and endangering future participants, rules for oversight of such studies is being transferred from the ethics office to the National Institutes of Health.  This is the very agency that conducted this appalling study!  And it adds a Planned Parenthood agenda that babies’ lives are expendable.  Did I mention they’re using your tax dollars to fund it?

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