Amazing Ultrasound Images

My colleague, Doctor Jack Willke, always said if wombs had windows we wouldn’t have abortion.  Ultrasound is that window to the womb and a big reason America’s turning pro-life.  A pro-life group posted amazing ultrasound images on their website.  In one, the baby is smiling and waving.  In another, it appears as if one twin is kissing his womb-mate.  Another little preborn has his hand on his chin, like the bronze statue The Thinker and seems to be pondering an exit into his new world.  One baby covered both her eyes with her hands like she’s playing peek-a-boo with her parents.  See these images at today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org.  An entire generation has had their first baby picture taken while they’re still in the womb.  Abortion’s living on borrowed time.

View some amazing 3D images of unborn babies in the womb! It’s further evidence of their beauty and the need to end abortion

ultrasound4 ultrasound3 ultrasound2 ultrasound1



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