Progression of Euthanasia

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Progression of Euthanasia

Bradley Mattes   |   January 29, 2015

For years I’ve said euthanasia would follow abortion as surely as night follows day.  Even pro-lifers scoffed at this predication.  But look what’s happening in the Netherlands not long after they legalized euthanasia.  They now euthanize over six-hundred babies a year who they say are deemed to be in pain or facing a life of suffering.  What they didn’t say is “suffering” means things like Down syndrome or other mild disabilities.  Most recently doctors there euthanized a woman because she suffered from ringing in her ears.  Consider the case of Barbara Wagner with brain cancer who moved to Oregon and committed suicide.  Her insurance carrier refused to pay for a drug to treat her cancer, but they offered to pay for assisted suicide.  It’s a small step to making that mandatory to save money.


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