They do it for Love

Pro-abortion activists say pro-lifers don’t care about the baby or mother after the child’s born.  That’s not the case and here’s another example.  Good friends of mine, Mick and Judy Vanden Bosch, make annual trips to the Dominican Republic.  He’s an ophthalmologist and does eye surgeries there.  Afterward, the family had plans for the summer but instead got foster children number thirty-nine and forty—six-month-old twins.  Needed work on their acreage was shelved to feed bottles and change diapers, not to mention the sleepless nights.  Many other pro-lifers open their homes to pregnant women and donate time and resources to women help centers, to assist women and men before and after the birth.  They don’t do it for credit.  They do it for the love of people and their Lord.

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