The Unsinkable Molly White

Pro-abortion activists have good reason to fear results of the mid-term election.  And Representative-Elect Molly White from Texas is one of them.  Molly had two abortions in her twenties and suffered greatly as a result.  It took the family decades to heal and she became very hard-hearted. She had two stillborn babies and had difficulty bonding with her son and daughter.  She’s gone through healing and is now a firm Christian who isn’t afraid to speak out in Congress to protect women and their babies.  Pro-abortion members of Congress won’t know what to do with the unsinkable Molly White or how to respond to her testimony.  Mothers and fathers who’ve chosen abortion are often our best ambassadors for Christ and the babies. “Let’s pray for Congresswoman Molly White, as she begins her term in Congress.”

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