Baby Holograms

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Baby Holograms

Bradley Mattes   |   December 03, 2014

Incredible new technology is on the horizon—technology I’ve been waiting for.  The Philips company is working with an Israeli firm called Real View to develop medical holograms.  It would allow surgeons to manipulate a three-dimensional holographic display of a patient’s organ floating in free space.  They recently conducted the first trial with heart surgery on eight patients.  Now imagine obstetricians having this technology in their offices.  Parents could see detailed images of their unborn baby.  How cool is that!  Now imagine this technology in a pro-life women resource clinic.  I think it’ll be even more effective than the wonderful ultrasound we have today.  We might as well dream big.  What if sidewalk counselors could have a hand-held version some day?  I pray that will be possible.

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