I Got Over My Rape But Not My Abortion

A thirteen-year-old girl is sexually assaulted and becomes pregnant.  Do you think abortion’s the answer?  If you said yes, let me tell you why you’re wrong.  Lesley McAskie was such a girl and her parents thought they were doing the right thing by taking her to have an abortion.  Lesley received no counseling before or after the abortion.  It didn’t solve her problem, it made it worse.  Lesley says, “I got over the rape but I never got over my abortion.”  To others who face pregnancy after rape she advises don’t do it.  “It will haunt you.”  Instead she encourages people to give the victim compassion, counseling and support.  Lesley added, “She doesn’t need another act of violence in abortion.”  I agree.  God says we shouldn’t kill, so take that option off the table.

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