Pray for Abortionists Still Living

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Pray for Abortionists Still Living

Bradley Mattes   |   September 18, 2014

William Rashbaum was an abortionist in New York City. It’s estimated he did over twenty-thousand abortions during his career of more than thirty years. Mother Jones magazine called him “one of the preeminent and longest-practicing [abortionists] of second-trimester abortions in the United States.” During an interview, he let his guard down and admitted to a recurring nightmare. In it he would see an unborn baby desperately trying to hold onto the wall of the uterus by her tiny fingernails as he did the abortion. Rashbaum kept doing abortions until his failing health forced him to stop. Sadly, there’s no indication of a repentant heart before he died. It’s too late for him, but it’s not for all the other abortionists. We can and should be praying for their change of hearts.


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