Hobby Lobby Mandate Ruling

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Hobby Lobby Mandate Ruling

Bradley Mattes   |   July 01, 2014

The Supreme Court in a five-to-four ruling narrowly upheld the religious liberties of Hobby Lobby and other closely-held for-profit businesses.  They ruled the Obamacare mandate forcing businesses to pay for drugs that cause early abortion is unconstitutional.  A closely-held business is one with a small number of shareholders like the family business of Hobby Lobby. The Court said the mandate “substantially burdens the exercise of religion.”  For now God has spared Christians from being forced to choose between being good citizens or being good Christians.  But we must remain ever vigilant.  These are not times when Christians can sit back and do nothing.  You and I must speak out against all injustices.  For today, let’s thank God for providing His protection and blessings.

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