A Rally Cry for Churches

In the battle of abortion, it’s critical to equip the church to be one of the greatest allies of the pro-life cause. They have a unique ability to minister to women and men who are suffering from the aftermath of abortion. However, the voice of the church can be silenced by fears of controversy, judgment and politics. The innovative, yet practical, book, Is There Not A Cause? helps churches overcome these obstacles and assist individuals in healing from the pain of abortion.
Is There Not A Cause? is a worthwhile resource that dispels the biggest myths surrounding the abortion issue. Opening with a parallel to the story of David and Goliath, church leaders are introduced to the significance of the church’s role as one of courage and action. Understanding our enemy is also key; and a thorough history of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood is provided. Author, Sheila Harper, tackles how pro-abortion activists have politicized abortion and explains how the church can reclaim the moral ground on the issue. Through scripture and engaging stories, it describes how to change complacency into conviction. Overall, it presents pastors with a tangible course of action to effectively address abortion and spiritually heal those in their congregations affected by this sin.
Sheila personally shares the impact that comes through healing from abortion, “Men and women who are set free from the bondage abortion brings will be the greatest witnesses against this gruesome, horrific battle.” It’s imperative that churches realize they play a crucial role in ministering to the victims of abortion and this book opens their eyes to the need.
Is There Not A Cause? is available for purchase online in the SaveOne store at www.saveone.org.



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