Hand Me Down Wombs

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Hand Me Down Wombs

Bradley Mattes   |   March 06, 2014

In many areas of life, science is rushing forward—sometimes in breath-taking directions—without medical ethics to protect society from the side-effects. Doctors in Sweden have transplanted wombs into nine women. They were either born without wombs or had them removed because of health issues. The womb donors are their mothers or other relatives. Doctors now hope the women can become pregnant and carry their babies to term. The wombs were not hooked up to their fallopian tubes, so the pregnancies will have to be assisted with in vitro fertilization. Now think about this. Some of the women who get pregnant, will be using the same wombs they once occupied. It gives a whole new meaning to the term hand-me-downs. Is it just me or is there an ick-factor here?

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