Deadbeat Dads versus Pro-Choice Moms

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Deadbeat Dads versus Pro-Choice Moms

Bradley Mattes   |   February 06, 2014

Society doesn’t make sense when it comes to fathers’ rights. A pro-life blogger recently pointed out if a man gets a woman pregnant, but decided not to be a father, he’s a selfish deadbeat dad. But if a woman gets pregnant and decided not to be a mother, she’s pro-choice. The author also says child support laws don’t reflect a hatred for sex, or a way to punish people for having sex. And pro-life laws don’t punish women for having sex. Both sets of laws—those for child support and against abortion—are designed to protect life, namely children. To that I add, if the mother chooses to have the child, Dad’s told to turn on his emotions, to support and love the child. If she has an abortion, Dad’s told to act like the child never existed. She can’t have it both ways. Dad’s aren’t wired that way.

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