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We Make an “App” for That

ve8QAd   |   October 13, 2013

Now that we’re living in the age of smart phones and iPads, when a need arises, the answer can usually be found in the well-known phrase, “There’s an app for that.” It would appear that for every conceivable situation of a tech-savvy user, a helpful application has been deployed to benefit his life. With a similar goal in mind, Facing Life Head-On, our weekly television program on the life issues, can be considered your unconventional pro-life education “app.”

Seven years ago I had a dream of circumventing the liberal, pro-abortion media and providing a quality TV program that would reach a substantial segment of American society. Something that would be free of editing by TV producers whose priority was to further their political agenda that included abortion-on-demand without apology.
The format of the program allows our guests to share their stories of facing difficult decisions regarding the life issues and how they’ve dealt with the outcomes. We usually pair them with an expert in that particular field, which results in a heart-tugging and highly educational experience for our viewers.

Our target audience is women in their child-bearing years who are undecided or may not be with us when it comes to these critical life issues. Based upon viewer feedback, our soft, real-life approach has proven effective.

The program is aired on a variety of networks throughout the US and Canada. We have access to 95% of all American households (over 100-million), plus each episode can be viewed at our website or on YouTube, which is why we literally receive emails from around the world.

After seven seasons and three regional Emmy awards (as well as others), Facing Life Head-On has built up an impressive and useful library of stand-alone educational, half-hour presentations. These can be used in a myriad of applications regarding pro-life educational opportunities. For example, the Legacy Institute in the Seattle area has incorporated some of our programs into their curriculum. A women help center in Ohio plays select episodes of Facing Life Head-On for their clients in the waiting room. Several pro-life organizations link specific episodes to their websites to underscore or further the educational experience of their visitors.

During the last election cycle, there was considerable heated debate surrounding the rape exception for abortion. One of our programs at the time dealt with rape. It proved helpful for many who needed aid in articulating this difficult issue, as well as introducing viewers to real-life people who have personally faced the question of rape and abortion—both from the mother’s and child’s perspective.

The film crew and I were on the scene during the upheaval in the Texas legislature. This episode removed the blinders of those who thought Planned Parenthood was a good organization. We exposed their radical behavior, deemed by many as satanic.
Facing Life Head-On took viewers to the other side of the globe in Ethiopia. We filmed the poorest of the poor, exposing the desperate need for Americans to share their wealth, quite literally to save lives. And we highlighted a home for pregnant Ethiopia teens whose society shuns pregnancy out of wedlock.

There’s a special place in my heart for individuals with Down syndrome, so we’ve produced several programs, two of which received Emmy nominations. One in 2012 focused on students at a large public school in Cincinnati who voted in a prom king and queen, both with Down syndrome. Also in 2013, we featured Sean Casey, a beloved former Cincinnati Reds baseball player, who was instrumental in building a ball park for children with special needs.

We introduced the world to a Beijing Olympic medalist who earlier, just before the Olympics in Athens, became unexpectedly pregnant and was faced with striving for gold or finding it right at home in the birth of her child.

Additional topics we’ve covered include adoption, pro-life youth advocates, post-abortion stress in women and men, abstinence and how the abortion industry targets the Black community.

We’ve tackled end-of-life issues and the link between abortion and breast cancer. I’ve had in-depth conversations with former abortionists and babies who survived abortion to experience life as teenagers, and adults now having children of their own.

There’s much more on the horizon for our film crew, including the psychological impact of abortion on siblings, suicide and help for women who’ve placed their babies for adoption.
I encourage you to look to these programs as your “app” for help with pro-life education. DVDs can be ordered online at our website, Facing Life Head-On is sponsored by Life Issues Institute, the only pro-life organization dedicated solely to education, and we strive for excellence in everything we do. By working together, we can reach millions more with the truth about the beauty of innocent human life—both in and out of the womb.

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