Sacrilegious Prayer for Abortion

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Sacrilegious Prayer for Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   September 09, 2013

In yet another sad sign of the times—perhaps I should say sign of the end times—politics in Iowa have risen to a sacrilegious level. Democrat candidates for governor, Tyler Olson and Jack Hatch, joined pro-abortion activists at the state capital to pray. What they prayed for will shock you. They asked God for increased access and more tax funding of abortion. They also thanked God for abortionists, pro-abortion politicians and the tens of millions of women who’ve aborted their babies. The prayer, led by pro-abortion activist, Midge Slater, ended the prayer twice referring to God as “she,” and the blasphemous prayer got a standing ovation from candidate Hatch. I wonder pro-lifers had gathered in prayer, would the ACLU and others have carped about separation of church and state?

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