Move or Be Euthanized

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Move or Be Euthanized

Bradley Mattes   |   September 03, 2013

The Begley family in Ontario, Canada, is experiencing intense hatred from an unknown source. Max Begley has been diagnosed with severe autism and frequently visits his grandmother. One of the grandmother’s neighbors objects to Max’s presence and sent a hateful, unsigned letter reflecting enormous ignorance. The woman author wrote that Max should either move or be euthanized. She also suggested—and I’m quoting here—the boy’s “non retarded body parts should be donated to science”, adding, “What else good is he to anyone!” I’m tempted to think this person is a waste of skin, but that would be taking the same attitude she has about Max. Thankfully, many neighbors are rallying around the family and police are searching for the culprit. Let’s pray she has a change of heart.

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