Your Friends and Family Don’t Know

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Your Friends and Family Don’t Know

Bradley Mattes   |   September 06, 2013

Due to chronic spine pain, I get monthly acupuncture treatments from a fine Christian doctor. Over the year we’ve gotten to know each other well. Due to recent happenings on abortion, I was telling him about the horrific ways abortionists in America kill babies who survive late abortions and are born alive. He thought abortion was only legal during the first three months. My doctor was so appalled, he responded, “I don’t believe you.” Next month, after he’s had time to digest our conversation, I’ll take him documentation. My reason for telling you is there’s lots of people in your sphere of influence who don’t know the reality of late abortion, so I’ve put together details. Check out these resources on our website. Now, go save lives by educating those around you.

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