Scissors Saved Premature Baby

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Scissors Saved Premature Baby

Bradley Mattes   |   January 07, 2013

Here’s a heartwarming story to start the New Year. Maddalena Douse is one of UK’s tiniest premature babies to survive—and it’s due to a pair of scissors. She was born at just twenty-three weeks, so doctors debated whether or not they should try to save her life. They put Maddalena on the scales and she weighed one pound—the minimum required by their standards of whether or not to try to save preemie babies. After she was safely on a ventilator, doctors discovered a pair of scissors had been accidentally left on the scales. This extra weight put Maddalena over the limit. After about six months, doctors at Royal Sussex Hospital discharged her and expect her to grow into a healthy child. In this case, God used a simple pair of scissors to save this tiny child.

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