Big Rift in Pro-Abortion Movement

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Big Rift in Pro-Abortion Movement

Bradley Mattes   |   January 28, 2013

A huge riff has developed within the pro-abortion movement. The old guard wants abortion-on-demand with no apologies. Younger activists have watched them lose public support and want to jettison this hard-line approach, and less-effective language. So it’s interesting that Planned Parenthood recently announced they’d drop the “pro-choice” verbiage. The new blood wants to go farther, using the words “reproductive justice” and include other issues like child care and gay rights. This fight is good for unborn babies. If the pro-aborts take on multiple issues, it’ll cause further fractions because not all of them agree on these issues. It’ll diminish their effectiveness as a movement. But the battle’s far from over. We don’t dare underestimate the pro-death advocates. We’ll keep working and praying.

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