UK on Pathway to Euthanasia

Life Issues Radio Transcript for December 10, 2012:

UK on Pathway to Euthanasia

The United Kingdom has government controlled healthcare like Obamacare, and here’s how far it’s gone with euthanasia. Something called the Death Care Pathway is supposed to sedate patients when it’s the only way to control their pain. But it’s turned into wholesale euthanasia to save money on critically ill patients. About two-thirds of the trusts administering the UK health system have been paid to put patients into Pathway. Over nineteen million dollars has been paid to trusts hitting their targeted number of patients. At many hospitals, over fifty-percent of the patients who died had been put on Pathway, even though only two to five percent need this kind of sedation to control pain. This “death panel” type of healthcare is what we can expect in Obamacare if it’s not reversed.

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