Planned Bullyhood

Planned Bullyhood by Karen Handel is an inside—and we do mean inside—view of what happened during the recent Komen debacle with Planned Parenthood. During that tumultuous event, Karen served as Komen’s senior vice president for public policy. Her pro-life, Republican resume made her a mark for blame and attack by Planned Parenthood and the media after Komen’s decision to end funding. Karen’s obvious goal in the book is to set the record straight

According to her, the Komen decision was bungled from the start. She writes Komen grossly underestimated Planned Parenthood’s ruthless ability to dish out a mafia-style mugging for withdrawing financial support to the abortion industry giant; they hired public relations consultants with strong ties to Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration and radical left activism; and they failed to prepare a plan B, naively believing Planned Parenthood would honor their commitment to not go on the attack.

While these insider details may not shock long-time pro-life veterans, the unmistakable and highly coordinated battle plan of Planned Parenthood and the far left politicians, consultants and media to inflict serious wounds on Komen is alarming. Every reader will be astonished to find out how poorly equipped a large, sophisticated organization like Komen was to respond to this media attack. We recommend Planned Bullyhood as a good read and an enlightening look inside Komen’s darkest hours.

The book comes as a good reminder for pro-lifers everywhere to continue to boycott the Komen Foundation. In the wake of Komen’s decision to end funding of Planned Parenthood and its reversal mere 72-hours later, they’ve resumed giving grants to Planned Parenthood in earnest.

[Editor’s note: Planned Bullyhood is available from Amazon.]

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