Nobel Prize for Adult Stem Cells

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Nobel Prize for Adult Stem Cells

Bradley Mattes   |   October 15, 2012

Two scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work in adult stem cell research. They’ve taken adult cells and transformed them into embryo-like stem cells that can grow tissue in various damaged organs. It eliminates the need to kill human embryos using embryonic stem cells. The two scientists, John Gurdon of Britain and Shinya Yamanaka of Japan, will split the financial prize of over a million dollars. Ironically, when Doctor Gurdon wanted to become a scientist as a child, his teacher wrote him a note saying the idea was “ridiculous” and a waste of time for both him and whoever would teach him. Now their research will save countless lives, so don’t let the naysayers in your life derail your passion if God has placed it on your heart.

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