Northern Kentucky University Intolerance

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Northern Kentucky University Intolerance

Bradley Mattes   |   July 12, 2012

Northern Kentucky University has a well-earned reputation for intolerance, and I’’d hesitate sending my kids to the school. For the last six years, pro-life students have put up displays memorializing the deaths of babies to abortion. Every year pro-abortion students vandalized the displays. One year they were led by a professor. If the tables were turned and pro-lifers were the ones breaking the law, the university and media would make it a priority to find the guilty parties and dish out justice. Yet it’’s the loving, peaceful pro-lifers who’’re depicted as the radicals. The latest vandals were caught but said the vandalism was expressing their right to free speech. Perhaps it’’s the pro-lifers’ right to free speech to pummel them with baseball bats. The university must hold the vandals accountable.

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