Midwives Performing Abortions

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Midwives Performing Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   July 18, 2012

If a pro-abortion politician in California gets her way, women will be at greater risk when they go in for an abortion. According to The Los Angeles Times, State Senator Christine Kehoe is pushing for a law to allow nurses and midwives to perform abortions. Right now, only doctors and surgeons are allowed to do them. If this sounds to you like California is sliding more toward back-alley abortion procedures, you’’d be right. But pro-abortion activists and politicians know fewer legitimate doctors want to kill unborn babies for a living. So they’’re desperate to keep the lucrative abortion industry’’s cash registers ringing. Unsuspecting women will go into these places expecting a trained doctor, but instead they’ll get a midwife who should limit her noble profession to protecting life, not killing it.

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