Delivery on a Delta Jet

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Delivery on a Delta Jet

Bradley Mattes   |   July 11, 2012

A pregnant woman was flying from Ghana in West Africa to Atlanta. Not long into the flight she went into labor. Thankfully a doctor was on board, but they had to improvise with supplies. A flight attendant had a pair of scissors in her bag, but they didn’’t have anything to tie off the umbilical cord. A passenger offered his shoestrings. They sterilized these supplies in vodka. Two passengers with medical training monitored the woman’’s blood pressure. Everybody pitched in. Soon the baby came——a boy——to cheers and laughter from the passengers. Other flight attendants made a bed for him out of newspapers and thick paper towels. The plane diverted to Senegal where they took mom and her son to the hospital. All in all, I’’d say it was a happy and productive flight.

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