Abortion Rate Drops

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Abortion Rate Drops

Bradley Mattes   |   July 09, 2012

The effort to end abortion is agonizingly slow but we’’re making steady progress. Recent government statistics revealed good news. During the last two decades, the abortion rate has dropped 25 percent. In addition, the rate of pregnancies and births also dropped, which means the message of abstinence until marriage is working. At the core, the fewer babies killed by abortion is due to more people knowing the ugly reality behind the pro-abortion euphemism of “pro-choice.” The choice is to kill innocent human life. But we’’ve got a long way to go, because one out of every five pregnancies still ends in abortion. Every minute of every day, the hearts of three more babies are stilled by abortion. So keep praying and do all you can to speak out for the babies.

National Vital Statistics Report –June 2012

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