TRAGEDY: Obamacare Ruled Constitutional

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TRAGEDY: Obamacare Ruled Constitutional

Bradley Mattes   |   June 29, 2012

The US Supreme Court has issued its ruling on Obamacare, and it’’s devastating for every American. The entire legislation was ruled constitutional. What this means is the Court has thrown us to the wolves of an uncaring government bureaucracy. Obamacare’’s riddled with anti-life measures. It’’ll open the floodgates——or, more accurately, the bloodgates——of abortion-on-demand, fully funded by you and me through a monthly, secretive surcharge. You can expect to see rationing of treatment resulting in euthanasia of our elderly and chronically ill. Expect to see the number of abortions go up and women devastated physically and emotionally. Obamacare will force you to comply or abandon your religious and moral beliefs. More than ever we must desperately pray for our nation.

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