Fortnight for Freedom

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Fortnight for Freedom

Bradley Mattes   |   June 19, 2012

A huge storm’’s brewing on the horizon. The Catholic Bishops have declared they will not follow Barack Obama’s healthcare mandate that includes covering abortion-causing drugs. It could be the biggest campaign of civil disobedience since the sixties, and the national media’’s ignoring it. Imagine if the bishops had risen up in arms against President Bush’’s war efforts. There would’’ve been a media frenzy. But because they’’re opposing President Obama and abortion, you hear nothing but crickets chirping. There’’ll be a two-week campaign called the Fortnight for Freedom beginning June 21st to mobilize the Catholic church before the mandate goes into effect August 1. These religious leaders are advising all of us to “have the courage not to obey them.” And I fully agree.

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