The Truth Comes Out

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The Truth Comes Out

Bradley Mattes   |   May 02, 2012

Somebody’’s not telling the truth in New Zealand, and the evidence is pointing to the abortionists. There’’s a huge discrepancy in the number of women being reported to have physical complications after abortion in this country. Abortionists have been reporting a very small percentage and getting lots of praise for providing such safe abortions for women. But the truth is getting out. Four times the number of women reported by the abortionists had physical injuries so bad they were admitted to hospitals to treat them. This statistic doesn’’t lie. Legal abortion is built on a foundation of lies. They say abortion is good for women, society and the world. But the tragic truth is abortion’’s like a cancer. It maims and kills everyone in its wake, but eventually the truth comes out.

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