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Pro-Life Education Works

Bradley Mattes   |   April 30, 2012

I’’m not advocating for or against any presidential candidate, but Mitt Romney’’s conversion to pro-life has gotten scrutiny, and I believe it’’s real. For 20 years Life Issues Institute has been dedicated to pro-life education. We rejoice whenever hearts and minds are changed on abortion. Governor Romney was thoroughly educated on fetal development at its earliest stages and responded to factual information. Just like George Bush Senior did when Dr. Willke gave him a thorough briefing on abortion and fetal development. As vice president and president, Mr. Bush carried his pro-life convictions because they were built on a foundation of factual pro-life education. This isn’’t an endorsement of Mitt Romney, but I do believe his conversion to pro-life is honest and genuine. It shows we all have the power of education to save lives.

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