I Love Abortion

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I Love Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   April 06, 2012

Jessica DelBalzi is about as hardcore as they come on pro-abortion activism. She’’s a writer for various pro-abortion websites and wrote, ““I love abortion. I embrace it.”” Jessica also bristles when her fellow abortion activists call for keeping abortion safe, legal and rare. “”Rare is something I cannot abide,”” she wrote in one of her diatribes. As much as she loves abortion, she hates adoption. Jessica heads a grassroots effort to end adoption. One of her slogans is “Adoption hurts babies.”” Imagine this twisted logic. To her, adoption stands in the way of unbridled abortion. I don’’t know if Jessica’’s personally experienced abortion. But her hardened-heart approach to it appears like a defense mechanism to avoid what abortion really does. It kills babies and hurts women.

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