Chinese Female Suicide Rate Highest in World

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Chinese Female Suicide Rate Highest in World

Bradley Mattes   |   April 16, 2012

China has the highest rate of suicide of women in the world. It’’s three times higher than for Chinese males. In most every other country, the rate of male suicide is higher. It’’s estimated 500 women commit suicide every day in China. What’’s the one thing that’’s different there? The forced abortion, one child policy. Imagine women who desperately want to keep their unborn daughters, but are forcibly aborted. Imagine growing up in a society where a woman’’s parents wish she were a boy because males are valued more. When you think about it, we shouldn’’t be surprised the rate of suicide of women is so high. They face hopelessness and believe death is the only way out. It’s time President Obama stopped funding these organizations that support forced abortion in China.

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