Supreme Court and Obamacare: Day 3

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Supreme Court and Obamacare: Day 3

Bradley Mattes   |   March 29, 2012

Day three of the Supreme Court oral arguments on Obamacare started with severability. If the mandate forcing Americans to buy health insurance is ruled unconstitutional, what, if any, of Obamacare should remain intact? Primary of these concerns are two issues. Making sure high risk individuals have access to health care and that they have affordable premiums. Without the mandate, this would be unworkable. And then there’’s a myriad of other parts to Obamacare. Based on today’’s oral arguments, to say the justices are struggling with this is an understatement. Justices Scalia and Thomas seem to favor doing away with the rest of Obamacare, but the traditionally liberal justices want much to remain. Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice Roberts seem to be somewhere in the middle. Only time will tell.

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