IVF Process Often Kills Embryos

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IVF Process Often Kills Embryos

Bradley Mattes   |   February 17, 2011

In-vitro fertilization is the process of combining sperm and egg in a lab and implanting days-old embryos in the womb. It’’s been hailed as a breakthrough for childless couples. Sadly, through the process, embryos considered less healthy are routinely killed. Scientists recently announced many of the two-thirds of IVF embryos who fail to survive do so because of genetic abnormalities. But they’’ve also announced a new technique to readily identify the less-than-perfect tiny humans before implantation. Of course they are killed. Those who turn to in-vitro fertilization need to be aware of the often dark side to what many believe is a modern-day miracle. Very few physicians practice a respect for all human life through this process. Learn the facts before you decide.

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