House of Horrors Part 5

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House of Horrors Part 5

Bradley Mattes   |   February 11, 2011

This week I’’ve told you about a late-term abortion mill in Philadelphia. Conditions were deplorable. The abortionist and staff were arrested and charged with murder of a woman and several babies. Get more details by reading the DA’’s Overview of the Grand Jury Report. Visit today’’s broadcast link at life issues dot org (see below). Never have I seen such a horrific situation. At times like these the ugly truth of abortion raises its head for all to see. At times like these we need to be in prayer for the women and babies who were victimized. Pray justice will be done and abortion will be ended. My last request is difficult, but please pray for the abortionist and staff who inflicted untold pain and anguish upon so many. Only God can heal their hearts.

Gosnell Grand Jury Report

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