Euthanasia for Family Members

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Euthanasia for Family Members

Bradley Mattes   |   February 16, 2011

In the past I’’ve told you about Dignitas, a euthanasia organization in Switzerland. They actually help people legally commit suicide. One segment of people they advocate euthanasia for are those with dementia. Ludwig Minelli, its president, told a Swiss newspaper the family members of people they help kill should also be afforded the right to euthanasia. Dignitas feels a spouse, for example, may not want to continue living without them. It’’s crucial to realize what’’s motivating this frightening philosophy. Dignitas charges large fees for helping to kill people, and it’’s made their president a very wealthy man. As a result, he wants to expand his riches at the expense of the lives of others. Euthanasia’’s a Pandora’’s Box. Pray Switzerland will soon understand and end it.

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