Do Abortions or Get Out

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Do Abortions or Get Out

Bradley Mattes   |   January 21, 2011

The freedom to choose is a slogan tossed around by Planned Parenthood. But for them, choice is okay as long as the choice is abortion. If not, even their own affiliates are denied the right to choose. A Texas Planned Parenthood has resigned their affiliation because they were being forced to provide abortions. The organization was told to either do abortions or get out. They decided to get out instead of killing unborn babies. Last year the director of another Texas Planned Parenthood mill resigned. Abby Johnson was pressured to increase her quota of abortions because it generates money. When Abby balked, she was told to get her priorities straight, because abortion is Planned Parenthood’’s priority. It’’s not about choice. It’’s all about money. It’’s really telling when they deny real choice to even their own.

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