An Amazing First

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An Amazing First

Bradley Mattes   |   January 04, 2011

Here’s an amazing first. A patient with leukemia has been completely cured using adult stem cells. Chemotherapy on the four-year-old girl failed, and German doctors said she had only three months to live. But the parents had saved her umbilical cord blood when she was born. Doctors treated the patient with her own stem cells, and have said with certainty she is cured. It’s the first case in the world of a child being cured of leukemia using her own stem cells. One of my sons suffers from Type-1 diabetes, and I’m praying they’ll soon find a cure using stem cells. But neither he nor I would want it to come at the expense of other human lives using embryonic stem cells. And with the medical breakthroughs, there’s absolutely no reason to even consider embryonic stem cells.

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